Xiangqi Opening 17: Best Chinese Chess Opening Traps (part 8)

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Xiangqi Opening 17: Best Chinese Chess Opening Traps (part 8)

Regconize Opening Traps and How to Solve Opening Traps

Xiangqi Opening Stage is very important, greatly influenced the outcome of the game. So be careful if you don’t want to be “trapped”. Here are some opening traps. Watch the video serial to find how to solve opening traps:
Controlling: The Force to stop operating range as well as the mobility of the military attacks.
Split, Prevent: Discarded military, military pilot to split the contact between the enemy troops.
Create jams: Use tactical pilot, bronchi to cause jam enemy, the enemy made not able to respond.

Things to do in Xiangqi Opening stage:

1. Try to move your big pieces (rook, horse, cannon) to control important positions on the board as early as possible. This is perhaps the most important rule.
2. Try not to lose effective moves when exchanging pieces. For example, if I had required 3 moves to get my red rook to an advantageous position, an exchange with the opposing rook who only moved one move is not advisable. Two effective moves are effectively lost in the exchange. Efficiency can be calculated roughly and will be discussed later in this article.
3. Try to increase the efficiency of each piece and try NOT to make any inefficient or empty moves.
4. Be very careful of the order you move your pieces. Placing the same pieces in the same positions but with the wrong order can often be fatalistic. 

Things NEVER to do in Xiangqi Opening stage:

1. Never move the same piece too many times.
2. Never move the rook too late in the opening. Never push your horse into enemy territory too early, without backup. Same goes for the cannon.
3. Never lose advantage over material. That is, if a piece taken would result in loss in efficiency, then that move is questionable.

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Xiangqi Opening 17: Best Chinese Chess Opening Traps (part 8)
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