Xiangqi Best Games 10: Xiangqi 14th World League in 2015

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Xiangqi Best Games 10: Xiangqi 14th World League in 2015
Xiangqi Best Games.

Serial videos by Category
1. Xiangqi Basic Tutorial
2. Xiangqi Opening
3. Xiangqi Midlegame
4. Xiangqi Endgame
5. Xiangqi Best Games
6. Xiangqi Puzzles

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We have a passion for Xiangqi Chinese Chess, website xiangqimaster.com is where we can share our hobbies everyday that includes the rule to play Xiangqi Chinese Chess Chinese, methods of starting a Chinese Chess game and strategies for playing Chinese Chess

Xiangqi Masters is collected from various content sources (include, tutorial video, instructions, guides…), in order to provide useful and free information and knowledge for who love Chinese Chess. The objective of Xiangqi Masters are: relaxing, and studying Chinese Chess.

Our overall articles/ contents relates to some main categories as below:

>> Xiangqi Basic Tutorial: How to Play, Xiangqi Rules…
>> Xiangqi Opening: How to play Xiangqi in the opening stage: opening with Two Horses Defence, opening with Cannon in the Center, Opening Traps, And updating…
>> Xiangqi Middlegame
>> Xiangqi Endgame: How to play Xiangqi in the end stage: Horse Endgame, Cannon Endgame, Foot Soldier Endgame, Chariot Endgame
>> Best Games

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